Do or Die 1986 Demo

by Viking

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Scumbag Pretty good sound quality and tight playing for a demo! This may be some straightforward good ol' fashioned thrash, but back in '86 this would've been some roof-blowing rock which should have led to somthing much bigger. Don't let any preconceptions you may have mislead you - this recording has not dated and it has more heart than a lot of other thrash recordings out there! A must-have for thrash aficionados! Favorite track: Hellbound.
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released November 15, 2012



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Viking Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Track Name: Hellbound
Merciless men - hateful victims
Doing battle in the night
Patriots rally to the cause
Some just living to fight
Few will win, but countless die
They will never see the sun rise
Steal from the dead, desecrate
Dead eyes have no sight


Countless souls falling to hell
Eternally living their sins
A life of death and butchery
All watrriors pay in the end
Blade strikes home - the world is black
Cannot evade the capture
Satan loves men who kill
And lusts eternal torture


More to fight - the need to kill
You're just the devil's token
No time to turn wrong to right
The hourglass is broken

(Solo - Brett)
(Solo - Ron)
(Solo - Brett)
(Solo - Ron)

Track Name: Prelude/Scavenger
The stench of rotten meat
Lies in the air
Reeks the smell of death
Corpses' bloody stare

Eyes of glassy blood
Lurking like the wind
Waiting for another life
Another life to end

Dreams of blood and bowels
Send sensations high
No meat to be found
Nowhere prey to die
Scavengers wander
Wander 'cross the land
Scanning for abandoned kill
Scrounging what they can

Temptations beyond extremes
Existing but none shall ever see
Sucking bone until it's dry
No wasted piece of meat

No time to feed their young
Wait for tortured cries
A helpless victim
Is the one that dies

(Solo - Brett)
(Solo - Ron)

Scrapes the carcass clean
Blood is everywhere
Consumes every morsel
They'd rather die than share
Track Name: Do or Die
I know you're taken with a burden
And you don't know your head from your tail
If you're gonna do it, do it right
You've got to hit the head of the nail

If it ain't worth dying for it ain't worth doing
Aren't you tired of waiting in line?
Take us to the top or straight to hell
Do or die

Make it or break it - that's our battle call
That's the way you've got to live your time
If you won't do it now, don't do it at all
Wasting days is a moral crime


(Solo - Brett)
(Solo - Ron)

Make it or break it - that's our battle call
Give it your best or you'll fail
If you won't do it now, don't do it at all
You've got to hit the head of the nail